Membership Program

Your new favorite (and tastiest) monthly subscription


Support local by subscribing to one of our monthly plans below and receive a free dessert or a 99 cent mimosa today (show your membership confirmation to a Braxton’s team member). You can start redeeming your meals on your next visit.

Exclusive Membership

Receive one or more significantly discounted entree(s) on a monthly recurring basis. Pay the same discounted price for any entree on our menu.

Receive your Digital Card

We will send you a unique digital membership card within 24 hours of subscribing to a plan, which can be used to redeem meals starting on your next visit.

Redeem and Enjoy

To redeem a meal, just show your membership card to a Braxton’s team member and we’ll remove the full cost of any entree from your order.

Cancel or change your plan anytime by clicking here. More information regarding membership terms can be found here.

*7.25% sales tax will be added to prices below*