Meal Membership Program Launches Partnership with Ventura County Rescue Mission, Donating Warm Meals to the Homeless

written by: Trey A.  / April 30, 2021

     For just over 7 months now Braxton’s Kitchen has been offering a VIP Meal Membership Program to our customers, allowing them to subscribe to one of our monthly meal plans, earn meal credits at a discount, and redeem them on any menu entrée when they dine with us. Although the fundamentals of this program remain the same, we are excited to announce a newly established partnership with the Ventura County Rescue Mission moving forward. For every month one of our Meal Membership holders resubscribes, we will donate 1 fresh, warm meal on their behalf to someone experiencing homelessness right here in Ventura County. We have already donated 65 fresh meals for the month of April – the picture above shows some of the meals that we provided being handed out by the VC Rescue Mission this past week. 

      In 2020 there were over 1,700 homeless adults and children in Ventura County, a 5% increase from the year before. In Los Angeles there are over 66,000 individuals suffering from homelessness, growing roughly 13% per year. Our partnership with the Ventura County Rescue Mission signifies our commitment to help those in need and allows our customers to support our local restaurant while simultaneously providing food to those who need it most in our community.