Support Local with a Braxton’s VIP Membership

written by: Trey A.  / November 19, 2020

Back when COVID first hit and restaurants around the country were shutting down, the Braxton’s Kitchen staff got to work and started brainstorming creative ways to not only stay afloat, but also to help out others in the community who were struggling.

As we were brainstorming, one of our staff members had an idea: since every service offering nowadays can be paid for on a subscription basis—from watching TV, listening to music, having food delivered to your door, and even receiving furniture, clothes, or wine—why can’t the same concept be applied to the in-person dining experience? The Braxton’s team immediately got to work, spent weeks figuring out the logistical feasibility and implementation of the idea, and finally launched the Braxton’s Kitchen VIP Membership Program.

Our VIP Membership Program presents an opportunity for customers to not only support our local Camarillo restaurant during these trying times, but also allows them to receive exclusive benefits and discounts for dining with us more regularly. By subscribing to one of our Membership Plans (detailed below), customers receive monthly meal credits at a significant discount. Instead of paying the full menu price for an entrée every time a customer dines with us, for example, they can now instead subscribe to the Silver Plan, receive 2 meal credits at a cost of $8.70 per meal (30% off our average meal cost), and redeem their credits on any menu entrée(s) they’d like, allowing them to try more of our tasty dishes at a fraction of the cost. After subscribing to a plan, customers not only receive a free dessert or 99-cent mimosa, but also receive a unique digital membership card which they can then use to redeem their meals on a monthly basis.

Since launching the Membership Program a few months ago, we have had dozens of customers subscribe to one of our membership tiers, begin redeeming their monthly meals, stay subscribed for several months, and even begin gifting memberships to their friends and family! We also recently launched a referral program that allows customers with a Membership Plan to refer others to subscribe and earn an additional free meal credit for both themselves and any friend they bring onboard! We have continued iterating and improving our process to make the overall experience overwhelmingly pleasant and seamless for our customers, and are excited to continue doing so moving forward.

Ultimately, it has been a community effort to push through this pandemic. We are very appreciative of all the support from our Camarillo community and are always here for our neighbors if any of you need anything. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you at Braxton’s Kitchen soon!