Membership Terms

Billing and Membership Changes / Cancellation

You will be billed automatically every month according to the membership plan to which you are subscribed. If you would like to upgrade or cancel your membership, you can do so through your account management page here. If you change plans, your new meals credits will automatically be added to your account and your new billing cycle will begin on the date you made the change. If you cancel your membership, you have until the last day of your current billing cycle to redeem any unused meal credits before they expire.


Meal Redemption Cycle

Your membership cycle will begin at the end of the day that you subscribe to a membership plan; if you subscribe on the 15th of the month, you will have until end-of-day on the 15th of the following month to redeem your meals. If you do not redeem your meals in the monthly cycle in which they were earned, they will be rolled over to the following month–given that you are still subscribed to your membership plan–before expiring. If you subscribe to a Silver Membership Plan on the 20th of August, for example, and do not redeem your two meals before the 20th of September, your meals will roll over to your next billing cycle and will be available for redemption until October 20th.



To redeem a meal, just show your membership card to a Braxton’s team member and we’ll remove the cost of any entree from your order. For now, membership entrees can only be redeemed in-store. Either dine on our patio or order your food to go, making sure to show your membership card to a Braxton’s team member. If you have the Silver or Gold plan and are dining with a friend or loved one, you can redeem more than one of your meals in the same visit.



Under certain market conditions (temporary restaurant shutdown, etc.), we reserve the right to pause all memberships, delaying already paid-for credits to a later month when the conditions permit. If memberships are going to be paused/delayed for any reason, we will let our members know via email as soon as possible and be transparent in communicating any pertinent information concerning these memberships.