Which Dog Treats are the Best?

written by: David J.  / December 26, 2020

As a dog mom or dad, you want to find a dog treat that has no preservatives, is organic and preferably handmade.

The reality is there are not many companies who will opt to not use any preservatives because this will sacrifice the shelf life and expiration of the treat. And on top of that, their focus is to sell quantity versus quality which makes it very difficult to find any treats made by hand.

Okay so where do we find these treats? Well you found the right place. Braxton’s Kitchen is a restaurant located in Camarillo California and we only use quality ingredients for our 2 and 4 legged friends. Our human chefs came up with peanut butter bites, chicken jerky and turmeric chicken jerky (great anti-inflammatory). All 100% natural, organic and hand made from our kitchen. We drizzle each cookie, cut the fat off of each jerky piece, seal and fulfill each order to assure you and your little one quality.

As some of our customers may already know, we serve a pup meal for those who visit our patio. Unfortunately though, with California’s Covid regulation and restrictions, we are no longer able to serve this item since dining on our patio is no longer allowed. That is why we came up with this treat line during this pandemic. Every purchase allows us to pay our bills to stay standing but most importantly keep our staff who fight each day for their livelihoods. So we are calling all dog moms and dads, near and far to treat your babies to the best handmade treats!

Note: Treats will be restocked every Tuesday online and in store to keep things fresh. Happy Treat Tuesday and don’t forget to tag us on social!